Great Expectations?

Can we talk for a minute about expectations?

I have a friend that said to me the other day that she expected to be in a certain set of circumstances by the time she was this age. Now that she’s this age, she’s more than a little disappointed with the outcome. This has caused me to do more thinking than is perhaps wise. What kind of expectations do we put on ourselves? How do we treat each other when things do not work out quite the way we planned?

The issues with myself are not necessarily the expectations that I put upon myself. Sure, it can be a little disheartening at times when I fail to live up to what I deem appropriate for myself but it is not something that gets me exceptionally down. I tend to place more importance on the expectations that others have for me. This makes me scream and want to rail against everyone expecting anything from me. Perhaps this is why I am a passive rebeller. That, in case you are wondering, is similar to being passive aggressive.

I abhor the idea that I am expected to act, think, and behave in a specific way. I am who I am. I will be who I will be. I can enforce expectations upon myself to the moon and back. That is fine. I can live with disappointments that I heap upon myself. I cannot, however, stomach the disappointments that are heaped upon me from failing to live up to the desires of others. This is a specific trial that I have to deal with and am working to overcome.

So, expectations. What is truly expected of you? What can you reasonably expect from yourself? I think the answer lies in the level of consequence that you are willing and able with which to deal. So, good luck everyone.

Peace and best wishes.
The Mad Pianist