Letter to My 5-Year-Old Self

Dear 5-Year-Old Me,

What is it that I really want to tell you right now?

Right about now in your young life, you love to do a few things. You love riding your bike, playing with your friends, jumping on the trampoline, singing, and making up songs. You are so excited learning to read and almost all you can think about is learning to play the piano like your big brother. Life is pretty good, huh?

Well, I want you to keep that excitement for learning and to try to learn something new every day. I want you to find the joy in this journey you are just beginning. You are going to do some really cool things throughout the years. You are going to play the piano and sing for and with some really great and influential people. You are going to learn to play other instruments too. Enjoy the process – don’t murmur your way through the learning. It will be worth every frustration and pain. I promise.

I want you to always remember that you are loved. It may be hard to see it sometimes but you are surrounded by great people that care about you. These people will test and try you and you may not feel so fondly toward some of them. They are in your life to help make you better and to help you grow toward that person that you (and I) are truly meant to become. Some will be a blessing to you from the very beginning. They will motivate you to be the best you possible. Embrace each of these people and know that they are all there for a reason. Please do not ever forget to tell your family and those especially close to you how much you love and appreciate them. You don’t have to find a reason to express your appreciation – sometimes it is because someone just exists. That is okay. Do not be afraid to show your emotions.

Your life is not going to be as easy as you expect it should be. At times it will be smooth sailing and not so at others. This is normal. Do not get too discouraged. Life is also not going to go exactly how you think it should. Learn to go with the flow and embrace the life that is gifted to you. You have talents and will be given so many opportunities to share them. Do not hide your light under a bushel. Let yourself shine.

I know that you want to be known. You want to have an impact on the world. That will not change. I feel the same way these many years later. This may not come in exactly the way you anticipate but your mark will be made. You have a lot to offer this world. Help the world see that. You will be surrounded with much greatness both musically and personally. Acknowledge all the beauty and greatness that will be bestowed upon you.

You will never regret the things that you dare to do. Break out of your comfort zone. Move far away from everyone you know. Choose a career that you love and understand even when everyone thinks you have gone mad for that decision. Choose love and listen to your heart every time. You will not regret those decisions. They will be the most honest ones you will ever make. Always believe in yourself and your abilities even when it seems that no one else does. You are the only one that can make that choice and it is the most important choice that you can ever make.

You are unique. You are special. You are talented. You are loved. No one can take any of those away from you. You are who you choose to be. Make that decision now and do not let anyone sway you. Be strong. Be immovable. Pray often. Be the you now that you always dream of being. You can do it. You have it in you. Maybe if you stay strong now, that will help me be strong in my now. Together we can do anything. If you feel discouraged, think of me and what you are helping me to become.

Lastly, remember to call your parents. Talk to your brothers and sisters often. They will help you stay strong. Choose your mentors wisely. Respect your elders. Practice your scales.

You will be just fine. See you in 25 years.

Peace and love,
The Mad Pianist


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