So, over on Facebook, I have noticed a trend.  I’ve  noticed this over the last few years and had no desire to participate.  This is where everyone is sharing one thing they are grateful for for each day of the month of November.  It is not that I am not grateful for those things in my life but that I am not a person that enjoys following trends.  I like to blaze my own trail and not to follow the herd.  I also feel that we, as a people, need to be grateful and recognize those things that we are grateful for year-round and not just around Thanksgiving.  So, instead of participating on Facebook with everyone else, I will just post them here – daily.  I apologize in advance.

Since, I’m a few days late, I will post four days worth today.  I think I shall be brief in my comments today.

1.  I am grateful for my family.  I feel very fortunate that I live within a few hours drive of my parents and most of my siblings.  I always took that for granted until I moved to Oklahoma for my graduate work.  There were days that I just needed to be within easy reach of my family and it was just too far.  I do not get the opportunity to visit my family very often and I often grumble when we have get-togethers.  I am in a different place in my life than my siblings and so I often feel out-of-place when we get together but I know that I could count on any of them, along with my parents, if ever I needed them.  For that, I feel extremely fortunate.  So, for day one, I am grateful for my family.

2.  I am grateful for my job.  I am pretty efficient and good at my job.  Okay, a little bragging there.  I get to try a lot of different things and really explore what works and what does not.  My residents have decided to make a holiday CD for their family and so I have had the opportunity to do some arranging of Christmas music.  I also am having to learn some new stuff, such as “The Merry Christmas Polka.”  I do not know that song but am excited for the opportunity to learn it along with them.  I see the results daily of the impact music has on them and how our behavior impacts others.  I hope to one day be able to operate my own studio on a full-time basis but for now, this is a great job with a great department to back me up.

3.  I am grateful for modern conveniences.  As I type this, I have a movie playing in my DVD player.  I am sitting under an electric blanket, in front of a space heater, with lights on and my laundry going.  I feel very blessed to live in a time where I do have the appliances that make cooking, laundry, and cleaning a quick and easy job.   I also feel very fortunate to have plumbing, heat, and electricity.  In the entire history of the world, it really is a new development.

4.  I really have fabulous friends.  I have been very blessed over the course of my entire life to have great friends.  They have supported me, encouraged me, allowed me to vent, celebrated with me, and mourned with me.  I had friends in high school that were excused from a partial day of school our senior year so they could attend my grandmother’s funeral to show me support.  I had friends in college that kidnapped me and took me on drives to help cheer me up.  They were also very adept at calling me on my “madness” and reigning me in even when I had no desire for their presence (haha).  My friends in grad school made sure that I was not practicing too much to have fun.  The people that I spent a lot of time with were not in my program and thus, were able to have a grounding force on me.  I still consider them some of my closest friends and wished we didn’t live so far away now (WHAT THE BLEEP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!!!).  I have friends now that are a great support.  We can vent to each other and support each other and know that we will still be there on the other side of whatever is bothering us.  When I am at my wit’s end, I am able to call my friends and go to lunch or on walks.  I think that is the joy of friendship.  True friendship does not require anything other than giving of yourself.  There is no monetary value.  For all my friends, past and present, those I haven’t seen in a long time and those I have seen today – for you I am grateful.

So, join me on this journey of gratitude.  Whether you post it on Facebook, Twitter, or as comments on the blog, post something somewhere.  Publicly acknowledge those things you are grateful for – everything will have a new perspective.

Peace and love,

The Mad Pianist

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