Guilty Pleasures

So, let’s spend a moment and talk about guilty pleasures.  I think of guilty pleasures as those things that you enjoy but are maybe a little embarrassed or do not want to admit you enjoy these things.  I never used to feel as though anything that I enjoyed should be something to be embarrassed over but then I went to college.  I was a music major and became quickly convinced that some art, music, television programs, movies, etc. were more worthy of my time and enjoyment than others.  You would think that that notion would be easily dispelled but it has stuck around for a lot of years and my guilt has grown to a new level, I suspect.  In fact, this notion should have been dispelled by the fact that one of my music professors was a huge Macy Gray fan and another really enjoyed the Indigo Girls.  Somehow, I began to feel even more protective over the types of things I would tell others I enjoyed.  “Oh, I rarely listen to the radio and when I do, it is usually on the classical station.”  LIE LIE LIE.  Okay, so I don’t really listen to the radio but I rarely listen to the classical station.  I enjoy Pandora and a variety of music but I feel like I can only admit to certain musicians, like Maria Callas, Vladimir Horowitz, or Daniel Barenboim.

So, I decided in this episode of “The Mad Pianist” that I would admit to a few of my guilty pleasures and get it all out in the open.

Movies:  I like to go to the movies.  I like to watch movies at home.  I just like movies.  I like all kinds of movies – animated, comedy, drama, documentaries, musicals, etc.  I do draw the lines a bit at ratings and content that I find questionable but I will give most movies a go.  So, what movie do I feel is a guilty pleasure for me?  Oh, anything with Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Tracy Morgan, or Amy Poehler.  Yep, any kind of really stupid comedy with fabulous comedy masters makes me hesitant to admit.  I enjoy “Date Night,” “First Sunday,” “Baby Mama,” and “Elf.”  Okay, I am not so embarrassed about the “Elf” admittance but still.

Television:  Well, honestly I don’t watch a lot of TV but I do have a HULU account and at least try to watch some of the shows that are supposed to be hits.  Guilty pleasure television programs?  Well, “Charmed” for one.  I own all of the seasons on DVD and very few people know that about me.  You know who you are.  “The West Wing” is also a guilty pleasure.  All the seasons on DVD are on one of my Amazon wish lists if you want to purchase it for me!  There is one show that is in its first season that I want to be an advocate right now  – “Trophy  Wife,”  It is absolutely funny and was just picked up for a full season.  So, check it out.  I am also a huge fan of “The Closer” but not so embarrassed about that show.

Music:  Now we hit where I feel most embarrassed and where my guilty pleasure meter hits the all-time high.  As a musician, I feel that all my music likes should be lofty and full of art.  I should only like music with absolute purpose – music that requires a lot of transition and more than three chords.  Well, that’s not really the case.  I do love artsy music and I love my classical.  I would not have pursued my education in piano if I did not love that style of music.  However, I think that all music has purpose and it’s just different for each genre.  I do enjoy listening to the Ahn Trio and Anderson and Roe, but I also have a good time listening to Lindsey Sterling and The Piano Guys.  Well, those are not my guilty pleasures.  I would readily admit that to any one of you at any time.  Well, here we go.  My big music guilty pleasures:  Demi Lovato, Britney Spears (her later stuff), Rihanna, Katy Perry.  GASP.  I admitted it.  I’m still here and breathing.  Well, now that it’s been said, I think you should all check out Demi Lovato’s latest album.  It’s my favorite from her by far.  I’m including a lyric video for one of my favorite songs from her latest album.  Listen, enjoy, and then readily (or hesitantly) admit you enjoyed it to all you know….or don’t – it’s your call.

So, what are your guilty pleasures?  Comment here or send me a message via the contact me tab.

Do you have something that you would like addressed or answered?  Fill out the contact me form and I’ll answer it – nothing is off limits!

Peace and love,

The Mad Pianist

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