I’m Bored…Just Don’t Tell My Mom

I am bored.  Yes, this is a completely awful thing for me to say!  I AM BORED.  This statement is completely useless as well.  Neither of these qualifiers, though, make it any less true at the moment.  There is a lot around for me to do – a lot of things I wish to get done but I just do not want to do any of these items.  I suppose if I had to get down to specifics – I am more listless than bored.  I have done things today – I went to church (which was an amazing feat for today), I cleaned the awful smell from my disposal (or hope I did), I scanned in some music to make pdfs for this recording project I am doing, made dinner, and watched a movie.  Blah.  I have thought about watching another movie but the thought just does not inspire my mood, nor does reading my book.  I am tired but it is way too late for a nap.  What is a mad pianist supposed to do?

When I was a kid, I used to overuse the phrase, “I am bored.”  My mom would get so frustrated with me.  One summer I was bored an awful lot so she told me that the next time I uttered this phrase, I would have to write an essay on why I was bored.  If I uttered it again, more words would have to be added to this essay.  I never wrote the essay.  HA HA MOM!  I think that I got really clever at using my words and would phrase my boredom a little more poetically.

Boredom.  What an awful concept.  I do not feel bored often because I have so many things that I like to do.  Today, I am grateful for all of those hobbies and projects….that I can do some other time.  Sigh.  I guess I will just eat this ice cream that was in the freezer and find some kind of passable movie to pass this listless, uninspiring day.

What do you do when you are bored?  How do you pass the time?  How do you break out of your funk?  Send me all your ideas!

Peace and Love,

The Mad Pianist

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