If/Then…A Recommendation

I am a huge musical theater fan. I think I always have been this way. I remember going to shows with my parents growing up and feeling so excited. I have my favorites and I am adding a new show to this list. I have never seen this show but the music is phenomenal. I received the Broadway cast recording yesterday, as it was just released, and am enthralled. The show is “If/Then” and the recording can be purchased here.

I think this show poses some good questions that we all ask ourselves from time to time.  The most prominent is what if I would have done this or what if I had gone there instead?  In one of the first tracks, the following is said:

“See, each choice you make is a kind of a loss./Each turn that you take and each coin that you toss./You lose all the choices you don’t get to make./You wonder about all the turns you don’t take.”

I can pinpoint several points in my life where I would like to go back and try a different tack.  I am completely confident that I am not the only one that feels this way.  The thing is that we cannot go back,we must keep journeying forward and keep making decisions all along the way.

If you have a chance to see this show, just know that I am super jealous.

So, listen to this album because it is going to be a show that will not be forgotten easily.  Also, Idina Menzel is the star.  Everyone knows that everything Idina touches turns to gold.

Note:  There is some strong language in this album.  If that bothers you, then maybe you should spot-listen or skip this one.

Peace and Love,

The Mad Pianist

One thought on “If/Then…A Recommendation

  1. I very much believe that our lives are a total cumlpulation of each individual choice we make along the way. Nice write up.

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