Lindsey Stirling…My Recommendation

I admit that I was a late convert to the Lindsey Stirling movement.  I can give you numerous reasons for this…okay, not very good excuses.  None of these are based on her music.  In fact, I put off listening to her music until early this year – probably January or February.  I have friends that were constantly recommending her music to me but I would refuse based upon my music snobbery.  Then, one day, I saw one of her videos.  I was a quick convert.

Lindsey’s first album, Lindsey Stirlingis full of more energy in instrumental music than I have heard in so long.  I would listen to her album over and over -straight-thru and on shuffle.  If you listen to her music with your eyes closed, I almost guarantee you that you will see colors and shapes and movement.

Lindsey’s second album, Shatter Mecame out at the end of April and is even more amazing than her first album.  It seems to me as though this album tells a story.  It has the same characteristics of the first album – lot of energy, color, movement, and has the addition of some other popular artists.  I love the entire album but especially love the title song, “Shatter Me,” featuring Lzzy Hale.  I hope that you take a listen with more of an open mind than I had going in.

My disappointment is that I have not had the opportunity to see her perform live – not through lack of trying.  The several times that she has been in my town for a performance, I have gone to the ticket website and her shows are already sold out!  She is really popular in the Mountain West, and I assume other places too.

I wish her much success and am looking forward to what she comes up with next.  I wish we would all play with the heart that she seems to employ.

Peace and Love,

The Mad Pianist

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