Why Do I Love Being a Musician?

Why do I love being a musician?

Um…is this a serious question?  I think it would probably be easier to answer the question of those things that I do not love about being a musician.  Here is a list of things I love about being a musician.

  • I get to play any kind of music I want, as long as I want and I only have to be able to justify it to myself (and sometimes others).
  • I can sing the chord progressions to songs playing on the radio in solfegge (if desired) and people just look at me like it’s some kind of work project.
  • I feel absolutely invincible when I conquer a hard passage in a piece of music.  I mean invincible!  Bring it on…but only at these definite adrenaline-infused points in time.
  • I get to share with others what I am working on and get immediate feedback.  That is absolutely encouraging.
  • I get to teach and share with others what makes music so amazing.  The first time a beginning student has a lightbulb moment is incredible.  The wonder that is in their eyes is something that I could not reproduce if I could.
  • I can do things with my ten fingers that most people could not do if they tried.
  • I can play for and with others and help them make their own music.
  • I can use my music to accomplish nearly every mood.
  • I get to use my music to assist people with physical and behavioral problems and see recognition, joy, and relief in their eyes.
  • I get to use my gift to share a bit of humanity with others.  It is tough, sometimes, to find in this world.
  • I can use my music for entertainment, education, or solace.

Mainly, I love being a musician because it feels like home to me.  In this profession that I have chosen, I have found a place that I belong.  How could I  not want to share that with everyone I meet?

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