The Mad Pianist Recommendation: Brooke Fraser’s “Brutal Romantic”

I became a fan of Brooke Fraser back in grad school.  I had been introduced to a couple songs from her “What to Do with Daylight” album and found a musician I could embrace.  I come back and back to Brooke’s music over and over and over again.  There are very few artists that I do come back to over and over and watch their careers but she is one.

The first song I heard of hers was “Scarlet.” It has a powerful impact on me each time I listen, even after all these years.  It has been a huge comfort song for me and probably always will be.

“Arithmetic” from the first album has always been a favorite of mine, as well.  I am actually working on a cover of “Arithmetic” for my Project 2014.

Her middle albums, “Albertine,” and “Flags,” are great as well.  There is definitely a hint at the shift that is coming from her artistically.

Her most recent album, “Brutal Romantic” just had its North American release last week.  I had the album preordered and was waiting not so patiently for its release.  It is, by far, my favorite out of everything that she has done.  It has a maturity and drive that the other albums lacked.  This album was a long time coming.  It had been years since the last album was released and I think that is what made me even more anticipatory for this last week of listening.   Over on her FaceBook page, Brooke has taken each track from the new album and talked about it in more detail.  It is worth a look.

Give Brooke Fraser’s a listen.  Show her some support from wherever you happen to live in the world.  She seems to have some great instincts and I am very excited as to where she will go next with her music.


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