15 Promises for 2015

2015I am not a huge believer in the “New Year’s Resolution.” I do believe that people have the capacity to change and improve.  I just do not believe that goals and significant changes need to occur at one time per year.  I love goals and projects but I believe that life is lived on a continuous line.  Improvements and changes occur as we make those little decisions all along the way.

Nadia Boulanger, one of my favorite sources for pedagogical inspiration, made this statement: “Change impelled by inner necessity is fine, change because one doesn’t know where to go is fatal and destructive.”

So, today instead of telling you about all of these huge changes I should be implementing in my life, I am going to tell you 15 promises for 2015 that I am making to myself.

1. I promise to give myself the benefit of the doubt more often. I am human and I will make mistakes along the way…and that is okay.

2. I promise to let myself call in sick to work when I don’t feel well….and to not feel guilty because I do so.

3. I promise to stress less and try to go with the flow more.

4. I promise to treat myself better.

5. I promise to let myself have time for me.

6. I promise to fight for the career I want and not to settle for what I can have easily.

7. I promise to spend as much time outside as I can.

8. I promise to treat my body as a temple and only fill it with good, real food.

9. I promise to practice my scales and arpeggios more.

10. I promise to learn how to do something new…regularly.

11. I promise to treat others kindly and with respect.

12. I promise to be true to who I am and not let others dictate who I should become.

13. I promise to go swimming and hiking more.

14. I promise to learn some ragtime piano. (At least for my mom.) I promise to attempt to enjoy doing so.

15. I promise to be happy.

What promises are you going to make to yourself this year?

Happy 2015! Let’s enjoy this ride together!


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