Negativity Destroys

Every Wednesday I walk into an office filled with negativity. Fridays and Saturdays are okay but Wednesday and about every other Thursday is full of negativity. As many things as I try to help combat this negativity, it turns me into someone I do not know and do not even like.20131106-213203.jpg

Israelmore Ayivor has talked about seven things that negative people will do to you.  He states,

“They will…

  1. Demean your value;
  2. Destroy your image
  3. Drive you crazily!
  4. Dispose your dreams!
  5. Discredit your imagination!
  6. Deframe your abilities and
  7. Disbelieve your opinions!”

I see this weekly and it adds to my frustration.There is a member of the management at work that tells me every week to “give me just six more months. I need you to keep working here for at least six more months.” Then, she turns around and tells me everything that she doesn’t like about what I am doing. I see my coworkers get their opinions shot down at every offering and feel like the work they do has no meaning anymore. I live for my private teaching because I am not surrounded by this negativity that is so inherent in my day job.

I am now in that struggle to remember who I truly am and recover from the impact this negative behavior is having on my life. I am a person full of possibilities, capabilities, and ideas. Who I am is right and good and worthy. I have a future and that future is more than what people around me believe it to be.

So, I will spend my available time hiking, swimming, doing yoga, going on picnics, and whatever else I can to amp up my spirit to withstand my Wednesdays. This too shall pass and I will be stronger and better for having endured.  Right?


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