Life Happens. Things Break.

So, today in my music group, the head of a maraca went flying! I think it is wonderful and I willmaraca tell you why I think it is wonderful.  The man that I have playing the maracas is enthusiastic and has become more and more focused over the past months matching my rhythms. He has gone from little communications to actively trying to communicate with more and more people. His rhythm and sense of timing has improved 150%. So, today he was having fun shaking his set of maracas and all of a sudden the head of one went flying backward. He was shocked and I’m sure he thought he was in trouble. The rest of the group was speechless and as soon as I started laughing, they did too. I told him I  thought it was funny and he was doing so well. He then relaxed and gave me a genuine smile.

Life happens. Things break. This is just how the world works so we might as well just laugh.

2 thoughts on “Life Happens. Things Break.

    • Hey there! Things are good. Life just speeds along – quicker all the time. I was thinking about you and your husband the other day. I hope you are doing well!

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