Introduction to 500 Albums Project

Well, I have started a new project (surprise, right?). First off, I need to say that I love classical music and will always love classical music. However, I have felt pulled in another direction, kind of, for the last little while. I love music that has a heavy piano base and infuses classical elements within pop/rock music. So, this is where I feel my focus has shifted over the last little while.

I have been in the classical scene for so long that I feel that there is so much music that has been vital to the development of modern music that I have dismissed or missed altogether. There is a lot to learn for my own musical tastes and compositions from the other genres of music.

So, on to the project.

I am going to critically listen my way through Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums of All Time. I am not going to be listening in order, in case you want to join my project. I am going to create an overview of my opinions of the album, favorite moments/songs, things that stood out, how likely I am to listen, etc. I will also be ranking these in my own order of preference. The results will be posted here as I listen. Many of the albums on this list are ones that I have never heard. This is going to be fun and daunting. 500 albums! My goal is 3-5 albums per week but depending on the week, this number could vary a little.

If you want to join me in my project, I will send you the schedule and we can have a fun discussion about the music.

Come and play. It will be fun!

The Mad Pianist


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