Delay and Update

Hey all!

So, the day has gotten away from me. We all have those days, right? Well, I will not be posting an album tonight. Tomorrow evening, I will post my thoughts on U2: Achtung Baby. This will throw Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street to Saturday.

Next week will be back to regular – Monday through Friday posts. I foresee no problems. This week has been flyers, programs, details to wrap up, etc before my studio’s Halloween Recital. Fun times.

I have been working up a schedule for the next few months for listening. It is overwhelming because there are so many albums! 500! So, watch for that post. I’m probably going to post some kind of page with just the calendar info for listening. That should be live sometime next week.

That’s it for now. Go listen to something fabulous! I know I will.

The Mad Pianist


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