U2: Achtung Baby

I actually do not have a whole lot to say about U2’s Achtung Baby.360146751901

If I ever dreaded listening to an album, it was this one. Not that I expected not to like it but I just had absolutely no drive to listen to this one. Was it what I expected? No. It was an okay listen and I can see why it’s on the Rolling Stone list.

This album was released in the early 1990s and the sound processing is clearly evident. From what I understand, it was designed, at least with the opening song, to make the listener feel like something was wrong with the album or it was a different group. The vocals were so overly done, in my opinion, that it was hard to listen. There was very little melodic development. At time, it felt as though the lyrics were simply being spoken. There were some cool moments with the electric guitar and I sighed with relief when I heard a piano about half-way through the album.

This album was darker than I had anticipated and just left me feeling a bit unsettled. It was, apparently, a much more personal album to create for the group and that is heard fairly clearly.

All the songs were composed by U2 and the lyrics by Bono.

This is a talented group but this album just left me wanting more from them. More development, more phrasing, more letting the music reflect the lyrics. Just more.

Was it an album that shaped today’s music? Undoubtedly. I can hear the influence but it doesn’t make me want to go out and listen to it again…at least anytime soon.


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