So, back in 2014 I worked on a recording project. Some of you may remember this project. I did nothing with it in 2015 – I had other pressing concerns last year. I am wanting to pick this project back up with a few guidelines. I would like to record a piece every 1-2 weeks and post. This is in addition to my 500 Albums (yes, there is another post coming later this week).

In order to work on this 2016 recording project, I would like a little input from you. What pieces/songs would you like to hear covered? Do you have a favorite song? Favorite artist? I’m planning on doing a variety of music. Some will be piano arrangements and some will be vocal. I’m trying to get back out of my comfort zone artistically and this is just the thing to get it done!

So, send me your requests. No deadline as this project will be ongoing!


The Mad Pianist


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