Madonna: Ray of Light

Let me say right away that I know that this post is not going to endear me to anyone. I HATED this album. I have put it at the bottom of the rankings for all the albums from the Rolling Stone list that I have listened to thus far. It goes below U2’s Achtung Baby and below Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector. So, low.Ray_of_Light_Madonna

The songs on this album were entirely too long. In my notes, on the song “Swim,” I have written, “Eh – 5 minute song – 4 minutes too long.” The only song that I even approached liking was “Ray of Light.” It has a good dance beat and the guitar/strings work well.

Other notes that I have written, “sounds like chaos” (Drowned World); “interminable sound manipulations” (Candy Perfume Girl) and “tinny quality” (Candy Perfume Girl).

It truly took me weeks to get through this album and it felt like much longer.

This album has been praised by critics. At this time, this album was a departure from her previous work. It is an electronica album that incorporates different genres, such as rock, classical, techno, trip hop, and ambient. It incorporates mystical themes. The themes may refer to Madonna’s increasing interest in Kabbalah, her studies of eastern religions, and daily yoga practice.

The album was released in 1998 and was Madonna’s seventh studio album.

It has been praised as being her most adventurous album, and bringing electronica music into the mainstream. I guess that it is just too adventurous for me. Also, I guess I should note that I have never been much of a Madonna fan – not even of her early work. So, maybe I went in with low expectations and they were met.

It will be a while before I tackle another Madonna album. Tell me why you think I am wrong about this album. Help me see what I missed because I hate having this disgusting taste in my mouth for an artist and album that has helped to shape modern pop music.


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