A Little Pep Talk

Everything that I want to say to you today can be found in the following video.

  1. We’re all on the same team in this game of life. It’s about time we started acting like this is the case. Life is hard enough. Be a good teammate.
  2. Go and create something awesome. We all have amazing potential. We do not all have to be musicians, artists, or writers. Amazing things come in all different kinds of packages. Go into this world with the intention of being awesome and doing amazing things with each moment you are given. Life will be infinitely more enjoyable and you will be so very very happy.
  3. Refrain from being so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. Today, I told a lady that I work with that “art is mistakes.” She looked at me with the question of “really?” in her eyes. Yes, really. Art is made of what is once considered a mistake and then becomes what it was destined to become. Life is also made of mistakes. We live, learn, and grow. Sometimes, these “mistakes” turn out to be absolutely the best thing for us and sometimes they even put us on the path we were supposed to find in the first place.

So, watch the Kid President and take his points to heart. Be easy with yourself and be easy with others. It’s not easy but just try to put forth a little effort!

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