A Listening Adventure 4/9-4/15

Toward the beginning of the year, I started a type of project. This is not one of those projects that I stress over but one that is done as I drive. I listen.

Over the course of my life, I have amassed a collection of music. Does this surprise you? Well, I have decided that instead of just acknowledging that I own a vast amount of albums, I am going to listen to them. It may take me a very long time but I will get there. I load six CDs in my car at one time and listen during my commute to work, doing errands, etc. It takes me about a week, give or take, to finish all the CDs.

So, my thought is that I will do an update weekly…or when each set of six is completed. I will share what I have been listening to and any thoughts I may have had about those albums. Some of them are going to be very bad albums (there have already been a few that made me question myself) but it will never be less than an interesting journey.

I’m bringing you into this process well after it has been started. I am not going to go back and rehash the stuff I have already listened to. I’m going to start from this point and move forward.

Let’s get going!

Listening for the week of April 9 – April 15, 2017

Elizaveta: Messenger

I absolutely love this album. I forget how much I love Elizaveta’s style until I listen to herelizaveta again. This is my favorite of her albums. She seems to get stronger and braver with each release – with her lyricism, instrumentation, and themes. There were several songs that I kept hitting the back button so I could hear again and again. Some of my favorites from this album: “Trap,” “Messenger,” “Icarus”, “These Stupid Games.” Okay, so I could probably list every single song on this album. It’s a good one. Go check it out.  Also, rumor has it that Elizaveta is working on some new material. YES!

John Mayer: Room For Squares

This is a bit of a blast from the past for me. This album was released my freshman year oJohnMayer_RoomForSquaresf college. Okay, so I just dated myself! I used to listen to this in my dorm room over and over and over. I amazed myself a little this go around because I still remembered 98% of the words. Sweet! I still enjoyed this album – more than I thought I would. I have not really listened to a lot of John Mayer in the recent years but this will always be a favorite because it brings back some really great memories of friends, dorm life, and the early college years. My favorite song from this album is probably “Neon.” It was my favorite then too.

The Suffers: The Suffers

I only recently discovered this group. By recently, I mean over the past year or year and a half. I had forgotten that they were in my mix this week. The first song started playing thesuffers_cvr_sq-92a4d5479dc89c8dd4be1b57562f115c2d8a7c92-s300-c85and it took me a good two or three songs to name this group. The sound of The Suffers, to me, is very reminiscent of the seventies. They have a real vibe. I will admit that I did start to struggle toward the last few songs of this album. I kept checking to see how many more songs I had to go. They have performed in my town twice since I started listening to them and I have sadly missed both of their performances. I hope they return when I have the availability to see them perform. I think they would be a tremendous live act.

Ed Sheeran: +

This is an album that I regretted purchasing not long after I bought it. I had a really hard ed sheerantime getting into the music. He tries to experiment with different types of music but it comes across to me as very popish. I enjoyed listening to it this time, for the most part. It is not an album that I will return to very often but it is decent, I suppose. I highly recommend listening to the hidden track “The Parting Glass.” It is located on the same track as “Give Me Love.” It is a traditional Scottish song and I really like Sheeran’s interpretation. I wish that he had done more like “The Parting Glass” on the album.

Ellie Goulding: Halcyon

I am a huge Ellie Goulding fan. Once again, though, I forget hoR-3933948-1349966809-1516.jpegw much I enjoy listening to her music until I hear it again. This album came on while I was driving to work one day this week. So, I queued up Amazon Music on my work computer and listened to the “Ellie Goulding station” for the rest of the week. It did not disappoint. Halcyon is Goulding’s second studio album and is a bit older – 2012. I cannot name a favorite song. I love every single song on this album. I wish she would release more music more frequently. She is an amazing artist.

Bryan Adams: Get Up

I completely forgot that I put this album in the mix this week. In fact, I think that this was the first time that I have listened toBryan_Adams_-_Get_Up! this album in full….and it was a real struggle. This album was released in 2015 – so it’s really not too old of an album. I felt like I was listening to bad 80s rock. It took me to track 9/13 before I could name the singer. “Thunderbolt,” the seventh track, felt like a hugely bad 80s rock song that would drive any band to part ways. The only song I even mildly liked on this album was “Brand New Day.” I am not going to listen to this one any time soon. Seriously. Just don’t.

So, that was my week of listening. I’ve already loaded my next six to begin anew tomorrow….and I have already forgotten what I put in there. I think there may be some classical piano, maybe Billy Joel…I don’t remember.  Like I said, always an adventure.

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