Leap of Faith

Photo by Jane Rahman, 2008.

Photo by Jane Rahman, 2008.

Sometimes the circumstances that seem out of our control are the very ones that we can change if we really desired to do so.  In trying to change our lives, we are often required to take that leap of faith.  That step into the darkness that says to the unseen obstacles that we are bigger and better than anything thrown at us.

As I contemplate my own leap of faith that will surely be coming, I feel the finality of phases of life.  I see the life that could be versus the life that I am currently living.  The possibilities are endless, exciting, and beyond the scope of real description.  Life is truly what we make it and what we decide it to be.  I have heard it said over and over that decisions determine destiny.  The more I try to ignore or justify the opposite of that statement, the more I am convinced of its truthfulness.  Every day we make decision after decision after decision.  We are always determining what course our life will take.  Do we recognize the gift that each decision gives us?

I am going to be focusing more on developing my studio and trying to grow this business and it is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.  Life is not for the faint of heart.   Life is lived to be happy and not to dread the work that you HAVE to do.  A life well lived should never involve feeling dread over performing certain tasks.

I hope that you take the leap of faith when you encounter difficult tasks.  I hope that you live for the decisions you are called to make.  I hope that you search to be happy.

Peace and Love,

The Mad Pianist

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